White Bandana
Purple image of the capitol and text: "St. Paul Human Rights: Count My Vote" printed by Twin Cities GAZE

Black Shirt.
Image of Jesse Helms as Marlboro man = skull "HELM$=DEATH ACT UP"

Blue sweatshirt.
Wild-eyed cartoon of Norman Jones inside of a "NO" symbol "BIGOT BUSTERS" from New Zealand.

Norman Jones was a national legislator in New Zealand who opposed national gay rights. Jones opposed the nation's 1986 "Homosexual Law Reform Bill."

White Shirt.
"A message from the people of Holland…Vote against repeal of Human Rights"
We, in the land of Anne Frank, know what prejudice and discrimination can lead to. In the Netherlands, we have been living for many years with legislation which in now way limits a person's rights or liberties because they may be homosexual. Throughout history in argument used to oppress minority groups has been the alleged danger which they pose to children. Yet our children in Holland have experienced no harmful effects from our tolerant position on homosexuality. Tolerance for people of differing background is a mark of civilization. President Carter says that human rights are absolute. If America is going to effectively exercise leadership in advancing human rights around the globe, then American must make itself an example, a nation with equal rights for all. Since this is the first time a referendum is being held in the US to consider taking away human rights from a significant group, we feel compelled to send this message to our freidns and staunch ally across the sea. Discrimination against minority groups should not be tolerated anywhere in the family of nations and is in direct conflict with the Human Rights agreements of Helsinki for which America proudly stands. We wish the Dade County Coalition for Human Right success on June 7th and hope that all people of conscience will VOTE AGAINST REPEAL OF HUMAN RIGHTS.

Off-White Shirt.
Yellow "No on Knight"
It's divisive. It's intrusive. It's unfair.

law enacted by California voters in March 2000 to restrict marriage to opposite-sex couples. In May 2008, it was struck down by the California Supreme Court as contrary to the state constitution.

White Shirt.
"Every Time A Republican Dies...a Queer Angel Gets their Wings" pink triangle

White Shirt.
Photo of two women kissing. "Warning: Senator Jesse Helms has determined that looking at this picture is hazardous to your health and may cause homosexuality"

Green Shirt.
Image of Anita sitting on giant orange naked. "Squeeze a Fruit for Anita"
Anita Bryant

Blue Shirt with dark blue text over image of profile of faces
Support Human Rights
Vote No April 25

St. Paul Gay Rights Ordinance on the ballot of the April 25, 1978 election

White long sleeved t-shirt
44th Ward Alderman
Tom Tunney
politician from Chicago, Illinois

I Want You, Honey!
Endorsed by Queer Nation/Chicago
Joan Jett Blakk for President
Queer Nation Chicago

...Close Enough. Fight AIDS, Stop Helms. Could It be...Satan. Lies. Black Shirt references Senator Jesse Helms.

Mary's Milk with Vitamin D
Thanks for Choosing Pride
Grade A Pasteurized Have You Seen Me? Mary Cheney
Who: Mary Cheney, 34, openly-gay daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney
What: Silent since her father endorsed anti-gay constitutional amendment making her and millions of Americans second-class citizens.
Previous Job: Professional Lesbian
Current Job: Running anti-gay dad's reelection campaign in exchange for $100,000/year
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Ironed on polo shirt with rainbow heart, Hillary Clinton's 2008 primary campaign
Worn by students Eric Gonzaba and Kristen DiGuiseppe for Bill Clinton rally at Corydon Central Junior High School/High School (CCHS)

43rd President of the United States George Walker Bush
Wizard of Oz Scarecrow
If I Only Had a Brain

GPU, The Gay People's Union was an early ( 1970's) political action group. Originally started in Bloomington, a chapter also existed in Indianapolis. It faded out after a few years and was followed by Justice which produced the first gay pride celebrations in Indiana, Justice is still active as of 2014.