Off-white shirt.
Stick figure Cyclist "AIDS Trek 10"
Back: AIDS Trek 10 is sponsored by the Committee for Unity, Hope and Survival. Rumours and Innuendo. Grand Casino Hinckley, The Intrepid Bike-Riders. In memory of Paul Yovetich. Coca Cola, Binder-Edelstein Co. Malt-O-Meal. Thomas Niemiec, Charles M. Chochrane, Randy Thorsett, Mary "Priscilla" Smith, Richard Gwynee, Mealine Mills, C.M.T, Pride Chiropractic, Opal Services, City of Lakes, Tomas Piano Tuning and Repair, Club Metro, Over The Rainbow Brandan Group, Subway North Branch, In memory of Robert Olson, The Lounge, Wooley's Restaurant.