White t-shirt.
Front: "ACT UP San Francisco"
Back: "Back: “We believe that the AIDS crisis calls for a broad movement actively engaged in ending the epidemic. We recognize that AIDS has had a devastating impact on the lesbian and gay community. We further recognize that the AIDS crisis disproportionately affects men and women of color. Any strategies to fight the crisis must incorporate these understandings.
We demand: a massive funding to end the AIDS epidemic, a federally-funded education program, centrally coordinated research, a free nationalized health care system, public accountability, a worldwide culturally-sensitive funding program.
We oppose: quarantine or mandatory testing for HIV exposure, discriminatory measures instituted by public or private organizations against any groups or individuals with AIDS or ARC, or who test positive for HIV exposure, all laws that contribute to the spread of AIDS or discrimination, spending cuts in any social service or health programs, the use of inflammatory isolating language."
1884 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94102


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AIDS activists


T-shirt Collection Box 80


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“ACT UP San Francisco,” Wearing Gay History, accessed July 17, 2019,



Wonderful idea I guess! Sometimes we have to speak and stand for our right and must do anything which we maximum do to make it possible. Because standing for own rights there is nothing bad in it.


Sometimes, we must speak and stand for our rights and must do whatever we can to make it possible. Because there is nothing wrong with standing on your own rights.


WOW this is the good idea for spreading the knowledge & funding equally. The article you shared with the image is a clear & big picture to do some thing big to help them 


Very good idea to create awareness. when someone wears this, surely they will grab the attention of people. Really a good one. 


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