Grey shirt.
Crest with a shield, officer's hat, whip, and handcuffs, along with the text "Sandmutopia University: School of Continuing Education"

SandMUtopia S and M Utopia Supply Co.
24 Shotwell, San Francisco, CA

White shirt with red sleeves.
Rainbow flag with Target symbol. "glbt network"
Back: Target logo
College group/ Corporate sponsored GLBT professional network

Duplicate copy found in Tretter Collection:

Black shirt.
Hot pink text: "The Q of M University of Minnesota Gopher Pride!"


Light gray shirt.
"Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender / LGBT@UCLA.EDU / Campus Resource Center"

220 Westwood Plaza B36
Student Activities Center
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1579


Front: 20th Anniversary, images of every t-shirt created by Run for Pride, "FrontRunners/Walkers, Minneapolis/St. Paul"
2003 Run for Pride /Front Runners

Sleeves: Egg and I, Boom! logo
Back: Sponsors: Bikram's Yoga College of India, Cosmic Caravan, The Egg & I, GW Design, Lavender Magazine, MAC Enterprises, Inc.

Red shirt
From 2007 University of Minnesota ALPHABET SOUP: the mMidwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Ally College Conference. Front has a list of capital letters with "ALPHABETSOUP" mixed in.
Back: image of Minneapolis skyline and the cherry on the spoon. "Event Staff" February 16-18, 2007, University of Minnesota. No Matter The Letter We Stand Together


black shirt
From 2007 University of Minnesota ALPHABET SOUP: the Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Ally College Conference. Front has a list of capital letters with "ALPHABETSOUP" mixed in.
Back: image of Minneapolis skyline and the cherry on the spoon. February 16-18, 2007, University of Minnesota. No Matter The Letter We Stand Together


White t-shirt.
1993 March on Washington
Note: The University of Minnesota buses to the March was an eventful trip that made the march more accessible to students.

Gray long sleeve shirt.
"I Am" "Drake University, a celebration of Womyn week March 24-26, 1996"
Left sleeve: male/female symbols.
Back: collage of quotes
“I am talking about believing that we have the power to actually transform our experience, change our lives, save our lives.” –Cherrie Moraga

“Pretty woman wonder where my secret lies. I’m not cure or built to suit a fashion model’s size. But when I start to tell them, they think im telling lies. I say, the curl of my lips. I’m a woman, Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman. That’s me.” –Maya Angelou

“I am a welder. Not an alchemist. I am interested in the blend of common elements to make a common thing. No magic here. Only the heat of my desire to fuse what already know exists. Is possible. I am the welder. I understand the capacity of heat to change the shape of things. I am suited to work within the realm of sparks out of control. I am the welder. I am taking the power into my own hands.” –Cherrie Moraga

It’s a long long road. It’s a big big world. We are wise wise women. We are giggling girls. We both carry a smile to show when we’re please. We both carry a switchblade in our sleeves.” –Ani Difranco

“I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart. I am, I am, I am.” –Sylvia Plath

“Sometime I said sometimes I hear my voice and it’s been HERE … silent all these years.” Tori Amos

“I found god in myself and I loved her…I loved her fiercely.” –Ntozake Shange

“Be who you are and will be. Learn to cherish that boisterous Black Angel that dirves you up one day and down another protecting the place where your power rises running like hot blood from the same source as your pain.” –Audre Lorde

“I am an endangered species. But I sing no victim song. I am a woman. I am an artist. And I know where my voice belongs. I know where my soul belongs. I know where I belong.” –Diane Reeves

“Out of the nuts of history’s same I rise up from a past that’s rooted in pain I rise I’m a black ocean, leaping and wide, welling and swelling I bear in the tide leaving behind nights of terror and fear I rise into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear I rise.” Maya Angelou

“If I have to I can do anything. I am Strong, I am Invincible. I am Woman” –Helen Reddy

“If I cant dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.” –Emma Goldman

Small forest green tote bag.
"Women's lives, voices, solutions: Shaping a National Agenda for Women in Higher Education, March 27-29, 2000". Stylized orange/red circle design with purple people.
Thomas Nelson Community College. University of Minnesota. Cal State Hayward.

Light gray long-sleeved shirt.
Pink text: "The Future of the Queer Past: a Transnational History Conference. The University of Chicago September 14-17, 2000"


White shirt.
Front: small upper right logo "One in a million/1993 March on Washington University of Minnesota", pink triangle with purple plus sign. Back lists sponsors in triangle.
Adverguys Inc., All Go'd Children Metropolitan Community Church. Birdsall-Haase Association/Art Antiques. Spirit of the lakes United Church of Christ. Cooperative Campus Ministries. Department of Student Affairs. Dr. Marjaorie Cowmeadow. Association of G/L/B. Dignity/Twin Cities. Richard P. Osborne. Frank Tomasiewiez. M.L. Gerger. Dallas Brake. GLEAM. Gaze.

White shirt.
"Women's lives, voices, solutions." "Shaping a National Agenda for Women in Higher Education, March 27-29, 2000". Stylized orange/red circle with three purple people.
Thomas Nelson Community College. University of Minnesota. Cal State Hayward.

White shirt.
Purple text: "AIDS Walk Wisconsin" "The Power of One Day" 2001
Back includes: American flag. Presenting Sponsors Miller Brewing Company. Honor Sponsors: 94.5 WKTI. Fox 6 WITI Milwaukee, Northwestern Mutual Foundaiton. Principal Sponsors: Fortis. Dean/St. Mary's. Major sponsors: NBC 15 News Isthmus. UW Health University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics

Grey/blue shirt.
"Forging Our Future" "MinnesotaOUT! Campus Conference- Metropolitan State University" 2007
Back: Event Staff


White shirt with red sleeves.
Rainbow flag with Target symbol. "glbt network"
Back: Target logo
College group

Pink shirt.
"Gay Alliance" with symbol. (of Genesee Valley Rochester, NY). Staff pride shirt 2008.
Back: Gagv Staff. Sage Advisors. St. John Fisher. Mass mutual. Merill Lynch. Exelius. Alexander Optical. Nixon Peabody. Xerox Capital Services. Corning. Citi. Ace Mailing. Monroe Community. Wegmans. Thomson West. Empire Sate College. Terry Brown-Stiner. The Woolbright. Tim Tompkins. Unisys. Jp Morgan Chase. Kodak. Third Presbyterian Church. Open Arms Metropolitan Community Church.
875 E Main St #500, Rochester, NY 14605

white shirt.
Circle, sea foam state of Minnesota with rainbow flower "Minnesota OUT! Campus conference" "MN GLBTA Campus Alliance University of Minnesota Twin Cities November 3-4, 2006"
Back: Advocating for change on our campuses

White shirt.
Baby blue border "never blend in"
Back: "Milk" from raffle following screening of 1984 documentary "the Times of Harvey Milk" in St. Paul student center 2009. Jean Tretter introduced the film and spoke about early GLBT activism in the Twin Cities.
2017 Buford Ave, Falcon Heights, MN 55108

Light purple shirt.
Image of Duluth lift bridge, rainbow waves. "U of M Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Ally Summit" University of Minnesota September 26-27, 2008, Duluth MN

White shirt.
Butterfly image. "Diversity Institute" "You are destined to fly, but that cocoon has to go -Nellie Morton"
Sleeve: University of Minnesota.
Back: "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -M Ghandi


White shirt:
Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Program Office
University of Minnesota

46 Appleby Hall
128 Pleasant Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455


Blue Shirt:
Jimmy Swaggart Bible College (with Pink Triangles) JSBC

Red Shirt.
Pixilated image of mouth. "day of silence"

What are you going to do to end the silence? GLSEN

The Day of Silence is the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network's (GLSEN) annual day of action to spread awareness about the effects of the bullying and harassment of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students and their supporters.

Black Shirt.
Pink triangle. University Gay Community University of Minnesota
Regents of the University of Minnesota

White Shirt.
Green circle with centaur. Delta Lambda Phi University of Minnesota


The University of Chicago is gayer than you think
Light purple t-shirt


A Benefit FOR THE 1993 March on Washington The 1993 March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay, and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation Los Angeles Tuesday 4/13/93 West Hollywood Park Phoenix Thursday 4/15/93 Heritage Square Park Albuquerque Friday 4/16/93 University of New Mexico, South Mall Denver Saturday 4/17/93 Fox Hole Kansas City Sunday 4/18/93 J.C. Nichols Fountain St. Louis Monday 4/19/93 Tower Grove Park Indianapolis Tuesday 4/20/93 NY Connections Cincinnati Tuesday 4/20/93 Fountain Square Columbus Wednesday 4/21/93 State House Pittsburgh Wednesday 4/21/93 University of Pittsburgh, Union Lawn Washington D.C., Thursday 4/22/93 Freedom Plaza Map places this shirt at Albuquerque site. A copy of this shirt is also located at the Chris Gonzalez Library and Archives

White t-shirt, pink triangle
Novum Collegium MCMLX Universitatis Meridianae Floridae MCMLVI
New College Supports the Community
Pride Symposium '96
Origin unknown

The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Alliance of Columbia College
Black t-shirt
Lambda Force Columbia College

600 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60605

AIDS Walk Chicago
Principal Sponsor TicketMaster www.ticketmaster
Major Sponsor Advocate HealthCare Jewel-Osco
Event Sponsors Sears Walgreens The Pharmacy America Trust UIC University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center
Supporting Sponsors Charles Schwab GNC Kemper Funds Starbucks Coffee Burstein Family Foundation United Airlines
Media Sponsors CLTV News Chicago Tribune WGN Radio 720 WON Television WSNS T44 Telemundo 93 XRT Radio Chicago
Media Partners B-96 96.3 FM Contigo Lerner Community Newspapers News Star Life Booster Skyline Times Voice WOJO 105.1 FM WIND 560 AM
AIDS Walk Chicago 1998

5K Memorial AIDS Walk
5K Competitive Walk
10k Red Ribbon Run
30K Crossroads of America Run
AIDS Walk Indy
September 22, 2002
Celebration Plaza White River State Park
A KLA Event
Presenting Sponsor
Target Caito Foods Circle City HIV/AIDS Coalition Figment II Fazoli's Greg's of Indianapolis- Our Place Histoplasmosis Reference Lab Huntington Bank Infectious Disease Research Clinic IKON Indiana State Department of Health Indiana Still Cares Indiana University, Division of Infectious Disease Infectious Disease of Indiana Indy Thrift Kline's Water NetVenture 180 Energy Drink OUTlines St. Vincent Hospital St. Francis Hospital The Word