Front: White t-shirt with verticle rainbow and blue header T-shirt back text: CUNY 2018 Pridefest. Queens College, LaGuardia Community College, "The 2018 CUNY Pridefest is made possible through the support of the LGBTQ Public History Project at LaGuardia Community College and the New York City Council."


0047LGBTQ CUNY Queens Consortium


None recorded.


Reproduction and use of this material may require permission from the copyright holder. Please contact the LaGuardia-Wagner Archives for more information.


CUNY Queens College, “CUNY Pridefest at Queens College 2018,” Wearing Gay History, accessed July 2, 2022,



Danielle Price

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I was a part of this Pridefest, and it was a great feeling representing the queer people. I will represent the big assignments people in the next event, and I hope more people will join me. I am excited about this event.



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